My name’s Amy, and I’m a garden slacker.

Every year around March, when the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables has clearly made me delusional, I buy way more seeds than I have room to plant or time to tend, and I plant them in the garden.

I water; I wait, and some of the seeds inevitably do their job and sprout something green through the soil. I do a happy dance.

Then begins my season of neglect.

Once in a while I pull a weed or spray some water, and at the peak of production my garden will give us a salad and some beans a couple nights a week. It’s nice, but I want more. I want abundance, excess, stuff to share.

Fortunately my uncle, Jack Middleton, is a man on a mission. Deeply concerned about childhood obesity, factory farms, he wants kids to know where fresh food comes from.

He figured out a way to build a hoop house – a garden season-extending passive greenhouse – on a backyard scale. It costs a couple hundred bucks instead of a couple thousand, can be moved around the yard, and gives my southeastern Michigan backyard a Knoxville, Tenn. growing season.

So we decided to give it a try, and for better or worse, I’ll track the saga here.

Wish me luck


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