I thought I was raising tomatoes – turns out I was incubating tomato hornworms… It’s kind of a unique sense of horror to notice one of these big ‘ol caterpillars scarfing on your tomato plants, then move in for a closer look and see another, and another, and another. Kind of like suddenly realizing you’re surrounded by zombies…

The two groups of tomato plants on the west side of the hoophouse were loaded with these things, and since they were the least-producing plants anyway, it was pretty easy to decide what to do. I now have half as many tomato plants in the hoop house and a whole lot more sunlight.

The beans and cukes came out in the same purge to clear the way for a winter planting of greens in the middle box, and while I was at it I went after some bugs on other plants, too – mainly aphids and some beetle things on the peppers. I finally went to the hardware story and found some bug spray stuff – suppose I should record here what the stuff was, but the bottle is in the garage, so I’ll have to do that later. I have a feeling it’s kind of late in the game for this, but if it keeps some produce coming farther into the fall, I think it’s worth it.

So yesterday I was hanging out in my once-again sunny hoophouse, looking for bugs to defeat when I noticed a tree frog hanging out in the peppers. Frankly I wouldn’t even care (much) if he were a garden pest (Though I don’t think he is). I love tree frogs. It made me happy.

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