Confession time

The most prolific plant in my garden is not in the hoophouse, but in a 4×4 box just beyond my back porch – a single yellow squash plant that has Little Shop of Horrors written all over it. I am sick of thinking of ways to cook yellow squash, sick of eating it, sick of looking at it. And still this plant  keeps happily kicking it out. The one benefit I’ve found is that in sharing the stuff, I have an excuse to get out and visit friends. (I’m careful to limit the amount I leave with them so they remain my friends).

So here’s where the confession comes in: Yesterday, as I was poking around the plant, picking another three or four squash I began fantasizing about what would happen when we got a nice, hard frost and humming “Ding, dong, the witch is dead,”- mentally substituting the “yellow squash” for “wicked witch.”

I think it’s kinda catchy…

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