Bug trouble

Yaaagh! I have bugs. Specifically, creeping bugs, flying bugs and biting bugs. It has become apparent that I need some poison for them, and soon. The only problem is, I’m really kind of afraid to go into the hoophouse right now without dipping myself in DEET (I didn’t plan on poisoning myself). I’ve never seen such ambitious mosquitos. Right now I roam around outside the garden, peeking through the door and through the plastic, looking for anything that might be ready to pick (Thank God tomatoes are red). When I spot something I dash in, grab it, and dash out, slapping at my head and any other exposed skin. Last week I went in for 30 seconds and came out with a mosquito bite on my lip and two more on my face. Those suckers mean business.

Anyway, all this makes it hard to diagnose what’s going on, hard to pick out dead/diseased leaves, although I’m going to have to go in there soon.

Despite the bloodthirsty terrorists, I also have a fridge overflowing with cukes, beans and squash (someday I will learn to make pickles) and tomatoes coming at a nice pace – enough for salads, BLTs and tomato sandwiches, but not so many that they go bad before we an use them.

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