Support your local tomatoes

Holy crap! it’s a jungle in there.

A couple of weeks ago I built what I thought were some tomato containment thingmajigs with the help of a bunch of stakes and about a mile of that green plastic tape stuff. I can see I’ve got a lot to learn about tomato wrangling, because they’re now pushing against the ceiling, crowding out peppers, creeping across the carrots, spilling into the aisles and trying to sneak out the window.

We’re just starting to harvest vortex beans – there are lots of little beans on the vine, but only a few big enough to pick (and since there weren’t enough to make anything with, you might as well eat them on the spot, right?) I saw lots of cucumber flowers, too, and several little teeny baby cukes.  Carrots have been coming for a couple of weeks, and they are as goofy-looking as advertised – little squat things that look like radishes. We have little peppers starting on what I think is a chili plant.

I’m letting the spinach and cilantro go to seed, still cutting lettuce every couple of days, and chopping out a couple of arugula plants every time I’m out there. Elsewhere in the yard, the little wild blackberries are at their peak, but they’re also guarded by a legion of mosquitoes. You can pick a handful in a couple of minutes, but you have to. As soon as word gets back to mosquito headquarters that there’s a blood donor in the yard you’re running back to the house, swatting yourself in the face as mosquitoes try to fly up your nose.

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