30 days of greens

Nick: “Mom, what’s for dinner?”

Me: “Ummm, we have lettuce. How about a salad? How ’bout salad salad with side of salad?”

Based on this blog, we’ve now been feasting on homegrown spinach, lettuce and arugula, with occasional radishes for a month. Thanks to all of you who’ve helped me keep the bounty in check. I don’t know about the boys – they seem to eat no more than the requisite amount of green stuff at any given sitting, but Steve’s definitely getting all the greens he can handle, and I’m eating a giant helping of salad for dinner, and usually the rest of the previous night’s salad for lunch.

Am I healthy yet?

For the record, the spinach is slowing down, the lettuce is under control and the arugula is still going like crazy. Also have lots of cilantro, which I used in a fruit salsa this weekend (with some strawberries from the sandbox) that was so pretty Nick said it looked like something in a magazine (I assume he meant a food magazine and not one dedicated to natural disasters or medical mishaps) Anyway, it was so pretty and cilantro-y that we ate it up – sorry no pictures. Maybe next time.

Elsewhere in the hoop… I thinned the carrots, which should be ready starting in the next couple of weeks…the bean leaf damage has continued on a small scale. The plants themselves are growing a lot faster than they’re being chewed on… On the other side of the “climbing wall” half a dozen cucumber plants are thriving. The cukes at the far ends of the box didn’t make it for some reason, but it looks like we’ll still have plenty… a few jalapeño plants finally popped up, and our friend Bob Needham gave us a sweet Italian pepper plant with a sweet Italian name I can’t remember. (It means “horn of the bull”, though). And the tomatoes… holy cow! They’re growing fast, threatening to fall over if I don’t get them some stakes, and soon.

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