Trouble afoot

The night before last I accidentally (OK, I was too lazy to go out and close it) left the hoop house door open overnight. I thought this to be No Biggie.

For some inexplicable reason I figured Tiger would keep any marauding pests away, even though as I type this Tiger is asleep at my feet. He spends his nights on the couch, so I’m not sure when I thought he was going to scare away the rabbits, woodchucks and chipmunks. But it turns out “someone else” is more of a menace to the garden, as you might notice these are not chipmunk or rabbit sized tracks.

Anyway, when I went out with a machete to hack through the lettuce crop yesterday, there were these craters through all the beds around the outside of the hoop house.

Dog-sized craters. See the flickr feed for mug shots of Garden Enemy #1.

They were probably made worse because, through some snafu with my hose timer, I seemed to have watered the garden all night (oops). This turned the garden into a temporary swamp, and the only thing that would have been more inviting to Tiger would be a full-time swamp.

Anyway, I got the water under control, and the Black Menace managed to (nimbly?) not step on any plants, so I think we came out of this one OK.

Incidentally, I’ve become totally dependent on that drip irrigation system. I just assume it will take care of everything. The poor peas and extra tomatoes that are planted outdoors get totally neglected (as is my custom), while I wander around muttering, “Where is that watering can?” then get distracted by something and forget all about them. By the end of the summer the “indoor” and outdoor gardens should be a real study in opposites.

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