Baby food

I just ate two radishes out of the garden!

OK, they were teeny – maybe a thumbnail width in diameter – and were really just the product of a little thinning to make room for the others. But it’s May freakin’ 8th! That was so cool!

The spinach is also ready to be thinned, which means baby spinach this week, probably about the time I can harvest some lettuce (which is also in its baby state).

Planted the cukes, the rest of the vortex beans, and some jalapeno and New Mexico hot peppers today (hopefully I didn’t jump the gun on these, although if only half the seeds I planted germinate, I’ll probably still have too many)… I’ve put down lots of newspaper in an effort to suffocate some weeds. The sheets in the middle bed happen to include a Community Observer article on Community Supported Agriculture:-) I have company in the hoophouse now – lots of big ‘ol earthworms, which I’m happy to see, along with a few spiders and a lot of ants. Its not particularly fun to dig your hand into the dirt and turn up a zillion ants, but I’m not entirely sure they’re bad in the garden, either. If anyone has 2 cents to put in on that, I’d welcome the info.

I have just a couple more un-planted spaces left in the hoophouse, which is ok because a lot of the things I haven’t planted yet can go outside now.

I spent probably an hour and a half out there today, listening to the wind whistle and the rain beat down while I planted some things and pulled others out. It was in the 40s and frankly kind of nasty outside, but really comfortable inside the hoophouse, which now features a handy “escape modification” – a finger-sized hole in the plastic that allows you to reach through and flip the door latch up or down. Ben and Nick apparently made this necessary last week. I’m not sure who was the trapper and who was the trap-ee, but it really was going to happen sooner or later. Could have easily been me getting locked in.

Ben came out to help for a while today – it turned out to be a handy cover for asking for money so he could go ice skating.

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