Important slacker information

Last week I picked up a timer for my hose ($35, plus 2 AA batteries) and now I no longer have to remember to turn the drip system on every day – and correspondingly forget to turn it off…. The beans came up yesterday, a great relief for me because it’s been getting so cold at night that I was a little worried the soil wasn’t consistently warm enough.

It must be, cuz those suckers are three or four inches tall already.

We (Steve, Ben, Nick and I)  helped my Mom and Dad build a hoop house at the farm with one of Uncle Jack’s kits, and finished it just in time to take cover from the heaviest rainstorm I’ve seen all spring.  We considered lifting the whole thing up from inside and walking across the road to the house – we decided against it, but I still like the mental image of a hoop house with a whole bunch of feet levitating its way down the driveway and across the road.

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