Food with dirt on it

OK, this isn’t really about the hoophouse, but tonight I’m gleefully making dinner (maybe the wine has helped) with things I’ve had to wash dirt off of and chase critters out of – fresh asparagus and (shhhh, don’t tell) morels!

I have, for many years now, been visited periodically each spring by the Asparagus Fairy, a kindly being who used to help a neighbor keep their very prolific asparagus patch picked down and producing. The neighbor moved, but the Asparagus Fairy is still at it, poaching asparagus from the absentee owners in the name of sustained production. Some of it inevitably winds up in my fridge (Thanks Asparagus Fairy!)

The morels are a new, but very welcome, addition. A few years ago the Asparagus Fairy found them growing in the flower bed on the west side of her house (probably a thank you gift from the garden gods for taking care of the asparagus).

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