What’s up?

So far the radishes (way up), lettuce mix (lots, need to thin it), spinach (skinny leaves only), arugula (just peeking through), cilantro and we’re starting to see the carrots (barely).

I’m dangerously close to looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but Dad, do you know how many things never before seen in my yard are growing in my dirt?! To be fair, I’ll take credit for the dandelions and the plantain and at least some of the grass. They were here before you brought all that very fertile soil. But sheesh. I walked out there today and thought I was either going to have to weed the empty bed or mow it.

I’m thinking I’ll get a bunch of newsprint (a papery substance that web pages used to be printed on) and cover everything but the plant rows. Hopefully that will discourage the uninvited flora. And maybe next year I’ll mix up some fresh dirt according to a recipe in the Square Foot Gardening book Mom gave me – basically equal parts peat moss, compost and vermiculite. Their FAQ suggests putting the ingredients in a 50 gallon drum, sticking the top on tight and rolling it around the yard to mix it up.

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