April showers

Never underestimate the water pressure behind a drip irrigation system.

Sure, it looks all lazy and casual as it bubbles from those little holes in the quarter-inch drip tubing, but let’s say you want to add some line because you’ve noticed that the lettuce mix you planted last week is coming up where it’s getting water and not where it’s not (big surprise.)

So you measure out a length of skinny tubing, put in the appropriate connector and plug, and figure out where you want it to depart from the big (1/2 inch) tubing. For just an instant, you wonder if you should go shut off the water. But you look at the water bubbling happily out of the existing skinny lines and think, “Nahhhhhh.”

Then you punch a hole, and water sprays everywhere  – and most notably in your face – with surprising force. Nice.  Of course I had no hope of connecting the new line until I walked (dripping) back to the house and shut off the water…

... My dirt is holding pretty steady in the 60ish degree range, so I took a chance today and planted some magic beans.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but I didn’t have to sell the cow for these. They are fortex beans, sent by Aunt Connie, and they will hereafter be known as vortex beans because that’s what we started calling them when we brought some home last year. And because it sounds cool.   As far as I know they grow on a regular-sized beanstalk, but the beans themselves are huge! You pick them when they’re 7-11 inches long. That’s right – green beans almost a foot long. They should go well with our radish-shaped carrots. Welcome to the land of the mutant vegetables.

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